Early to Primary Essence is proud to announce they will be working to align their system with Early Excellence to help new and existing clients produce the mandatory (September 2015) Reception baseline report data.

Please see below for how Early Excellence will use this data which will be automatically produced for users of the Early Essence system.

How Does EExBA Report Information?

EExBA produces the data required by the DfE and will report the data back to schools in a way that supports tracking and monitoring progress of groups of children, areas and aspects of learning. Further information and examples of reports will be available on the Early Excellence website soon.

Visit the Early Excellence website for a more detailed description of how the baseline measure will be implemented.

FormativeIlluminating, and Engaging online progress reports for children from birth to 60 months.

Early Years Foundation Stage practitioners using Early Essence will enjoy a paperless, time-saving service that drives outstanding teaching and learning through a meaningful collaboration between practitioners, parents and children.

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  • Record and save evidence instantly to the assessment package (video, photo, audio, pictures of children’s work) using our App available on Android, iPad and iPhone.
  • Tag evidence easily to children or multiple children whilst also including the developmental stage they are working at (eg. 30 to 50 months. Secure).
  • Half-termly or termly reports including an electronic ‘scrapbook’ of the child’s learning including long and short observations alongside the multimedia records.
  • Early Essence generates professional reports for EYFS children including booklets showing the children’s ‘learning journeys’ as they progress through to more formalised learning at Key Stage 1.
  • Reports can be viewed securely online, printed, or saved instantly from this package.
  • A truly multi-lingual package allowing all members of the community to collectively work towards a child’s development.

Kind Words

Early and Primary Essence Data Tracking is a delight to use.  After years of searching for an effective data system, this truly addresses the needs of the school to give teachers comprehensive tools to ensure every child meets their potential.

The Mobile App technology has allowed us to assess anytime, anywhere and share the top quality images of this learning instantaneously with parents. Early and Primary Essence is key to pupil progress at Brackenhill Primary and Nursery.

Helen Metcalf

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